Magnetic Bear Studios



A more open kind of agency

by MBS (@magneticbear)

MBS is leading the way to creating a new type of agency: a fully open one.

Since we started Magnetic Bear Studios about a year and a half ago, one of our core values was being as open as possible; our history, our process, our margins, our code.

Up to date, we have open sourced 10 internal projects on github. In 2013, we're making open source an integral part of our company process.

To start off this wave of openness, we're publishing our main company website at By the way, the site is based on a wonderful open source framework called docpad.

To help in our efforts to support the open-source community, we'll be releasing some of our internal, currently closed-source projects, at the rate of one every month or two.

Finally, over the next few weeks, the MBS team will also be writing some blog articles here to document and publish some of the lessons we learn building mobile apps for startups from around the world. We'll let you know when we have more open goodness to share with you!

PS: There's a lot more to open source than code. We'll be making an effort to share everything from our networking stack to our contract lifecycle to some app design freebies.